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VPN in China


There are several ways to connect to the Internet through a safe route. In the Western world, some might just use the anonymous option in their browser (although it doesn’t help to hide your information, because that’s not what it for – it’s intended mainly for hiding data from someone else using the same computer, laptop or mobile device).

Another option for securing the Internet connection is through a proxy, which serves as a mediator between your device and the server or website you’re connecting to. But not all the proxies are safe. Also, they do not encrypt the data you pass through them – it’s not part of their “job”. Same goes for the smart DNS.


Why is it important to use VPN in China?


Internet surfing is highly restricted in China these days. The number of people who have been put on trial and served severe sentences due to the pages they visited, the posts they’ve written and the petitions they signed, is extremely high. The strict regulations in this country were known, but they have become more strict since 2009. It demands extreme caution from anyone who decides to take the risk and browse the restricted websites. Of course, there’s always an option of doing so only when you’re in Macau or Hong Kong, where these restrictions do not exist. But if there’s a necessity of visiting Facebook in mainland China, it’s important to avoid storing any directly incriminating data. And this is the greatest advantage of the VPN – it encrypts all the information, starting from your IP and up to your browsing history. So, there’s no real evidence left of any of your actions. In other words – VPN provides the real anonymity while browsing Facebook even where it’s not allowed.


How do you choose a VPN?


There are plenty of service providers offering a VPN – but how can you know which ones to trust? Please note that there are some well-known VPN providers worldwide that were blocked by the Chinese government, including 3,000 websites that were banned. To provide a safe VPN service in China, the owners must be constantly aware of the Chinese regulations and monitor with them, in order to keep their clients safe and sound at all times. Another important factor is a smart, dynamic encryption system, allowing safe browsing, while changing the encryption configuration often enough to avoid tracking and decryption. All this, combined with a user-friendly interface and the ability to provide customer service whenever needed – that’s the key to a great VPN service.

This is why the SecuriTales service is the best choice for anyone who’s takes care of his or her anonymity when surfing the web in China, and wishes to connect with their friends on Facebook and feel part of the Internet community. The safety of each SecuriTales user is granted by the great effort provided by each of the company’s team members. Never underestimating the importance of safe browsing, SecuriTales is the most secure and highly qualitative VPN in china or any other place in the world of the Internet today. Be safer with us!

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