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VPN for China


Many of us are aware of the existence of VPN, but not fully comprehend what it is exactly and what it does. The meaning of VPN is: Virtual Private Network. As this suggests, it is basically a replacement of the connection you currently have, plus elimination of all restrictions provided by the Internet Service Provider.  The main question every one of us has regarding this is: what is the difference between VPN and other methods of concealing the IP from third parties? Other means include the widespread proxies, smart DNS or the basic anonymous modes many of us have in their browsers.


Why VPN is the safest option for China?


The Chinese government is very harsh on people who breach Internet regulations. These restrictions prohibit surfing in most of the popular media we all know and love: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo and many other websites providing information that the Chinese government doesn’t approve. Moreover, once in a while, the government is blocking different domains containing VPN in its name. Thus, because the regulators realize the great power of VPN. Virtual Private Networks is taking one step beyond Proxy and Smart DNS by encrypting all the information going out to the web. This means your identity, IP, location, browsing history and countless other personal details are safe while you have the opportunity to go beyond the governmental restrictions. Some VPNs are better than others, so the choice must be done very carefully. we offer secure VPN for china, try our free trial.


Why is the SecuriTales service is the best choice for accessing Facebook in China?


Choosing SecuriTales means that the access to Facebook would be completely safe, secure, untraceable and undisclosed. Every piece of information shared while connecting through the SecuriTales service will be carefully encrypted in a way that it won’t reach the wrong hands, and even if it does by chance – the encryption is of a very high level, so the data is completely impossible to extract. It is very important to take care of security when browsing Facebook in and from China; therefore, it’s necessary to choose the most advanced service that can ensure your safety at all times. SecuriTales is an advanced solution, but the people behind it never rest and always make sure that the connection is as safe as possible, and that there is no data leakage. The privacy of the users is the top priority, so you can be sure that your payment is never taken for granted and that you’ll always receive the full value your money – and more. The service includes not only the safest route to Facebook in China, but also provides customer care and full responsiveness. Realizing the importance of being connect today, as well as being on the safe side of the wire – SecuriTales is the best way to go in order to achieve all these goals.


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