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The website was created based on the belief that everyone deserves the right to surf the websites they like without any fear or doubt. Although there are quite a few countries in the world with severe restrictions regarding the Internet, China is probably one of the strictest. This is why its citizens deserve special attention to their needs and endless attentiveness to details when dealing with their safety.

We’ve done serious research prior to developing this project, inspecting the various options of accessing social networks in China safely. Our research shows that the best VPN service available today is It’s extremely safe and provides the best buy for your money. Accessing Facebook, Twitter and other prohibited social networks is crucial for many people. Plus, you can never know which site will be banned next. The Chinese government has prohibited its citizens from accessing over 3,000 websites for various reasons. But undoubtedly, one of the greatest losses is Facebook, as one of the most active and varied social networks, providing entertainment as well as a platform for expressing opinions. connects you with the most advanced and safe VPN system, allowing you to have the opportunity to share the world’s most important social networks  safely.

Why VPN and why this specific service?

There are several systems that provide non-direct access to banned websites. However, the Chinese Internet Service Providers are bound to deliver all the private information about individuals to government officials; hence, it is very important not to have anything registered. This is possible by using VPN to encrypt any information going in or out of your computer or device. The SecuriTales service, which was chosen due to its specific properties, reassured us that the Chinese users will always be safe while using this VPN system.

SecuriTales is a highly trustworthy website providing you with countless opportunities to visit all the social networks you desire while feeling completely free and safe from harm. The complex encryption system will defend you at all times.

The website provides the most accurate and updated information regarding the access of various banned resources, including Facebook, from any place in mainland China. Make sure to tune in regularly to check on new updates provided by SecuriTales and ourselves, and may you have safe and joyful Web surfing in the world of limitless information that is the Internet.