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How to access Facebook in China


Most of us are used to the fact that in the Western World, there’s relatively vast freedom of speech and information, and almost no censorship on the national level. Many of the Americans and Europeans would be surprised to know that the concept of censorship is as relevant as ever for millions of people all around the world. These limitations of freedom and information are having an impact mostly on the most popular means of communication that has become so prevalent during the last 10-15 years – the social media in general, and one of the most prominent social networks we have ever had, Facebook.


General information about the ban


There are only a few countries where social networks and Facebook specifically are banned as national policy: China and Iran. In other countries, such as Syria, Bangladesh and North Korea, the restriction exists as well, but not to such an extent. The initial reason for the ban was the fact that the Xinjiang protestant movements used the various social platforms to spread their ideas around China, demanding an end corruption, pollution and the unjust treatment of several ethnic groups.


There are over 60 Internet censorship regulations in China, enforced by the local ISP, including documenting incriminating information about individuals.


As a consequence of these restrictions and methods, the number of prisoners who were prosecuted due to their participation in virtual discussions, signing petitions and so on, is huge in China. The government’s regulations are extended to the whole of mainland China, excluding Hong Kong, Macau and the Shanghai Free-Trade Zone.


Ways to access Facebook in China


Some people in China are still curious about what’s happening in the world beyond the limited reports they’re getting in the local media. In addition, some temporary residents or visitors sometimes need to access their pages for contacting friends and family, acquiring information, or sending important message to the world.


There aren’t many ways to access Facebook in China, so everyone who takes a chance has to be very cautious and choose only the most secure and stable communication. Sometimes, there are rare occasions on which the government is opening the access during short periods of time.


Other options are proxy, VPN or Smart DNS. Proxy simply serves as a man-in-the-middle for connecting. However, as well as a Smart DNS, the proxy is not 100% safe in terms of keeping your personal and traffic data secure. You may be incriminated by using a proxy. With VPN, however, that’s practically impossible.


This is the reason why some VPNs services are already banned by the Chinese government (there are over 3,000 blocked websites – many of which are VPN-providers).


However, there are still trustworthy services out there – aimed specifically at providing people from China with access to Facebook. SecuriTales is one of them. This service is doing everything possible to maintain your privacy and allow you to enjoy the freedom of the world at large without the risk of being framed for your actions.

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