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How to use VPN

Virtual private network commonly known as VPN is a platform that allows you to connect to the internet through a server that is operated by a virtual private network provider. Data that passes through your phone or computer through a VPN server will be securely encrypted. This means that you will actually be able to […]

A Secure Vpn Offers The Best Vpn Connections And Services

A Secure Vpn Offers The Best Vpn Connections And Services VPN connections are used to help computer users access the internet in its entirety without any corporate or country blocks. Corporations will block certain sites from being accessed for security reasons or for productivity reasons. In some countries, sites are blocked because of geo-political reasons. […]

How Countries Block Their Citizens From Websites

Recently, there have been a number of countries blocking certain websites from access by its citizens. Countries in the Middle East and some other parts of the world have at one point or another blocked major websites like YouTube, Google, Twitter among others due to different reasons. At a great extent, this can limit citizen’s […]

How to access Facebook in China

How to access Facebook in China   Most of us are used to the fact that in the Western World, there’s relatively vast freedom of speech and information, and almost no censorship on the national level. Many of the Americans and Europeans would be surprised to know that the concept of censorship is as relevant […]

VPN China Secure Connection

VPN in China   There are several ways to connect to the Internet through a safe route. In the Western world, some might just use the anonymous option in their browser (although it doesn’t help to hide your information, because that’s not what it for – it’s intended mainly for hiding data from someone else […]

Websites Blocked in China

For the last decade, Facebook has become the main platform for exchanging information, as well as creating and changing public opinions. For various reasons, this freedom of speech isn’t favored by the world’s conservative and restrictive governments. One of those is China. Moreover, it is known for being the regime that most pries into the […]

Best VPN for China

VPN for China   Many of us are aware of the existence of VPN, but not fully comprehend what it is exactly and what it does. The meaning of VPN is: Virtual Private Network. As this suggests, it is basically a replacement of the connection you currently have, plus elimination of all restrictions provided by […]