1. Why are social networks are banned in China?

China is a state ruled by a totalitarian regime and any hints of non-conformism, protest or independent thinking is actively suppressed by regulations, restrictions and severe punishments. This approach is reflected by the Internet censorship, actively maintained by the government and the local ISPs.

2. Which other websites are banned in China?

Facebook and other social networks, video-streaming websites, such as YouTube and Vimeo, controversial mass-media websites (such as the Epoch Times) and websites that are helping to breach the restrictions.

3. What are the dangers in accessing social networks in China?

The ISPs report on people violating the regulations in any way. There are a record number of Internet users from China prosecuted for their online activity.

4. Are social networks banned in other countries as well?

Other countries where Facebook is banned to a certain extent are: Iran, North Korea, Syria.

5. How many websites are banned in China?

There are about 3,000 different websites.

6. Is there parts in China where access to social networks is enabled?

Access to Facebook and other social networks is available in Hong Kong and Macau (administrative regions of China), and the Shanghai Free Trade Zone.

7. What is a VPN?

The meaning is: Virtual Private Network.

8. What is the difference between VPN, proxy and Smart DNS?

The VPN provides anonymous access to websites, while fully encrypting all the information about you and your activities online. Proxy allows you to access websites indirectly, but doesn’t put any effort in your safety, especially the free services. Smart DNS is convenient when the situation is not as risky as it is in China.

9. Does the VPN influencing your surfing experience?

It depends on your connection. The encrypting process may slow the loading of the pages, but usually not to the noticeable extent.

10. What is the safest way to access Facebook in China?

The VPN is the safest way to access websites, because it doesn’t store any original data on you. The other option is to travel to Hong Kong or Macau, but obviously – it’s not possible at all times.

11. Can you use VPN on mobile devices as well?

Yes, advanced VPN services are accessible from cellphones and tablets, as well as from laptops and desktop computers. The technical support of the VPN service may help you to have all the details figured out.

12. Are you going to be blocked from Facebook while visiting China?

Yes, the regulations are being applied through the Internet Service Providers.

13. How do you make sure that your connection is secure?

Choose a trustworthy VPN service with complex encryption systems and with a server located outside of China.

14. Which VPN services are best for accessing social networks in China?

Firstly, those that go undetected by the government. There are plenty of websites containing the combination of letters VPN that are banned by the Chinese regulations, so a wise start would be staying under the radar. The second factor is the encryption mechanism, which should be complicated and ever-changing, to create a safe environment for the user.

15. What is the SecuriTales VPN service and what are the advantages?

SecuriTales is a high-qualitative service, providing the top notch VPN security system, allowing to access any website from any location in China, while keeping the user, the traffic data and other personal information completely safe and secured on several servers using sophisticated encryption.

16. Which websites are accessible through VPN?

SecuriTales provides full access to all the websites that are banned by the Chinese government, including Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, Twitter and other 3,000 resources and websites of which the Chinese people are being deprived.